Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-Nationals diet

For the last month, Garrett and I have been working on some carbon fiber goodies and other projects to drop some weight off of the car.  Last night was the payoff, as the car is about 98% back together, and all of the components are there to put it on the scales.  The result: 1975 pounds.    

As an added bonus, the cross-weights with me in the car are even closer to 50-50.  Close enough, that I didn't bother to make any changes.   Looks like I still need to pull some weight off of the front of the car, but that will be an offseason project.    For now, the  pre-Nationals project list is nearly complete.

  Big thanks to Garrett for all the help, and having the guts to pull 12 pounds of unused wiring out of the car.  I would have been far too much of a wuss to tackle that, I think.

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