Monday, August 8, 2011

Atlanta Region event 8/7/2011

Sunday was a good event for us.  Garrett and I put the intake manifold back on the car on Saturday after fixing a coolant leak that kept us at home instead of at the Southeast Divisional event a week ago.   With that repaired, we went to Atlanta looking just to get an event on the car to make sure the repair was successful.   The car performed wonderfully, and we were both in the top 5 raw times when we left the event as the 3rd run group started.  My 45.5xx was 0.1s off of the FTD set by one of the karts.    I'll take it.  :)

Bryan's 45.5xx

Garrett's 46.2xx

With no more events on our calendar before the SCCA Solo National Championships at the end of the month, our focus will now shift to taking more weight off of the car.  Carbon Fiber work is underway, and the sawzall is going to get a good workout over the next couple of weeks.   The goal is to have the car under 2000lbs by Nationals.  

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