Thursday, July 21, 2011

Subaru Showdown @ Carolina Motorsports Park

Last weekend was the Subaru Showdown at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC, and it was an awesome event.   We stayed at the track in my parent's RV and that made the event even more enjoyable.    Saturday (a points event for SCR), Garrett took FTD on his last run with a 56.365, and I was amost 1.5 seconds back with the 4th overall fastest time.       Sunday was a CCR points event with a changed course, and higher temperatures.   I ran a 53.049 on my 3rd run, which was FTD.   Garrett ran a 53.059 on his last run, and Nick Hallman spun the formula ford at the finish to leave me with the top time for the event.     I had a great time hanging out with everyone at the event and want to thank the Subaru dealers for making the event possible.  

Saturday, Garrett's FTD run:

Saturday, Bryan's 1st run:

Sunday, Bryan's FTD run:

Sunday, Garrett's final run:

This is an earlier run of Garretts, that would have been FTD except for the +2 cones:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toledo National Tour

Day one was pretty good for us, as we ended the day 1-2, with Garrett in 1st and me sitting 0.036 back.    We struggled for front grip most of the day, though, and overall were not terribly happy with how the car felt.   Sunday, we took out about 2/3rds of the compression in the shocks and increased the rear rebound, and the car felt much better.   Garrett continued to drive fast, with all three runs in the 44's.  After second runs, I was sitting on a 45.222, about 0.6 seconds behind Garrett.  On his third run he dropped another 0.5 to end up with a class-winning 44.108.   I went out on my 3rd run needing to drop 1.1 seconds, and proceeded to botch the 1-2 upshift after the first turn.   The rest of the run went downhill from there as I overdrove the front tires and tried to 'make up' time.   I ended up with a run that was 0.1 second slower.       The 3rd place car ended the event 1.95 seconds back.   Despite the crappy 3rd run on Sunday, it was an excellent event for us -- Garrett's second National Tour victory, and the first 1-2 finish for the car.    Unfortunately, that was likely our last taste of concrete until Nationals in September.    

We managed to not record Garrett's fastest run, but we did get both of our second runs:

Garrett, Run 2 Sunday

Bryan Run 2 Sunday

Sunday, July 3, 2011

First runs done. Garrett held onto first with a 44.9 and I ran a slow 46.1

Toledo National Tour Day 1 Videos

Garrett's 48.795

Bryan's 48.831

At some point during the last event, the GPS antenna wire got cut, so no course map or speed in the datt overlay...  :(

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garrett cleaning the rubber buildup off the tires.

3rd runs

Garrett picked up about 0.05 with a 48.795 and I picked up 0.9 with a 48.831, leaving me just 0.036 behind Garrett. We have about a one second gap to the third place car. The weather held, we both had three clean runs, and we are first and second. That's a great day for Frankenstook.
Second runs done. Garrett picked up 0.7 seconds with a 48.8. I ran another 49.7, still holding onto second place by half of a second, though. Time to go for a hero run...

Run one

First runs are done at the Toledo National Tour. Garrett is sitting in first with a 49.5 and I am in second just 0.2 back.