Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blytheville National Tour - Saturday

The course today was everything we expected:  fast, challenging, and one helluva lot of fun.   Competition was close from the first runs in our class, as Jay Jackson laid down 63.080 on his first run and Garrett followed that with a 63.2, but picked up 2 cones.   On my first run, I managed to mess up both shifts to 3rd gear: hitting 1st instead coming through the walloms, and 5th before the 3-cone slalom entering the big sweeper.  My time was a 64.462 +3 cones.     In second runs, Jay ran a 62.535 and extended his lead.   Garrett posted a class-best scratch time of 62.028, but hit the first cone after the staging line -- before the timing lights at the start.   That trick is something that I did last October to cone-away the first place run.    On my second run, I turned a respectable scratch time of 62.569, but picked up 2 cones being sloppy in a couple of slaloms.  That run would have put me into 2nd at the time.   As it stood after 2 runs, Jay Jackson was leading the class with his 62.5, Garrett was sitting 4th, and I was sitting 6th, both of us without a clean run.   On his 3rd run, Jay improved again, to a 62.426.   Garrett went out a few cars later and jumped into 2nd place with a 62.764, putting him within striking distance tomorrow, just 0.338 back.    I had problems finding third again on my final run, and hit 5th gear going into the 3-cone slalom again, and carried it through the big sweeper.   I did manage a clean, but slow, 63.308, which moved me up 3 places into 3rd.   I am 0.544 behind Garrett and 0.882 behind Jay.     We've got our work cut out for us tomorrow, but a Frankenstook 1-2 is still possible.  Keep your fingers crossed for us, and check out the live results at or the live audio at .  We start an hour earlier tomorrow, so expect our group to start around 11:15-11:30am.

Garrett's 62.7

Bryan's 63.3

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  1. Wow...i get a kick out of the video. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya'll!