Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ITB's installed and tuned!

I've been working the last couple of weeks to get a set of Hayward ITB's and a haltech ecu installed.   I finally got the last bits together last night, and drove to Concord today to have the guys at 42 Autosports tune the car.   The end result is pretty darn nice.  The car idles nicely and made good power.    On the same dyno, stock AP1's   are typically in the 175-ish peak HP range, according to Will.  I'll post some of the install pics later, but for now, here's the end result:


  1. What does it weigh?

    We've got a '91 300ZX we cut the roof and windshield off of for a LeMons race. After the motor blew we were thinking about swapping a F20 in it, which would save about 225 lbs over the POS VG30DE. Our car's dry weight was 2,440, although this is with a full 1.5x0.120" cage, lights, bumper beams, and all the other stuff you'd want for a wheel-to-wheel enduro.

    We decided to run ChumpCar, so unfortunately had to put another VG in there. I've got friends with S2000s and often wondered how they'd perform with similar levels of weight reduction.

    Also, if you're interested check out my F20/22 dyno on my personal race car:
    234whp dynojet with just a custom Burns Stainless-speced header.

    What kind of gains did you see with ITBs?

  2. Ah nevermind, just saw the specs link.

    Is it light enough to keep the stock differential alive on all those standing starts?

  3. Last year, I put in a built diff from PuddyMod.