Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frankenstook goes GREEN!

... though not how you expect, probably.    I decided over the offseason to do some aesthetic upgrades to Frankenstook.   Part of that was some body filler and paint.   I was 95% set to paint the car 'Pacific Blue', but after some quick photoshop mock-ups, I ordered a couple of quarts of 'Jade Green Metallic' just in case.  Well, a couple of quick samples brushed on a spare trunk lid sealed the deal, and I decided to paint the car green.   I decided to paint the hood and trunk white just to keep it a little bit different.

After putting the hood and trunk back on, though, I realized I wasn't such a fan, so I repainted the trunk green, and the hood black.   I will hopefully have final pics of the paint work this weekend.

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