Monday, March 14, 2011

Dixie National Tour Report, Day 2

Sunday brought more fantastic weather and a slightly faster course for Day 2 of the Dixie National Tour.  There seemed to be less grip on Sunday, so we softened up the shocks and ran slightly lower air pressures.  Both Garrett and I shaved off time with each run.   He got down to a 47.058, and I was 0.8 back at 47.878.   John Thomas laid down a scorching 45.908 to solidify first place.   Garrett finished the event 2nd, 1.735 seconds back, and I was 3rd, another 1.9 seconds back.   It was a fantastic first event of the year for us.  We feel we are making definite improvement relative to where we were at Nationals last year.   We are both ready for the next National Tour event in Atlanta on May 7-8.   I'm also excited to get to work on some upgrades which will hopefully be on the car by the SCR/CCR event at Michelin in April.  

Garrett's fastest run on Sunday:

Bryan's fastest run on Sunday:

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