Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dixie National Tour Report, Day 1

Day one competition is done for the Dixie National Tour event at the South Georgia Motorsports Park.   We made no changes to the car except for bolting up a set of new Hoosier tires.   In a word, the car is fantastic.  We were happy to see another s2000 in-class, and 17-time National Champion (including the last 5 consecutive in FP),  John Thomas, who also designed the course for this weekend's event.   I drove well enough to comfortably land in 3rd place with a 49.5xx.  Thomas ran a 47.8.   Garrett, however, stepped up and turned in a 48.4xx, and is sitting in 2nd place -- just .585 seconds behind.    Garrett had a 48.0xx, but hit the last cone on course, and I had a great run brewing, until I got greedy at the half way point and nearly spun the car, losing all momentum and finishing it with a slow time.  All-in-all, a GREAT day.

Video of Garrett's 3rd run:


  1. Awesome!! Spirit fingers for the Stook Duo! :) Looking forward to hearing more tomorrow.

  2. Nice video. Where is the VTEC transition? It does not seem as apparent as with a stock S2000.

  3. It's on the stock computer right now, so vtec comes on at 6k-ish.