Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost ready for the Dixie National Tour

We didn't have all that much to do to the car this weekend to get ready, but those few things seemed to suck a bunch of time.   An experiment with a new 3-inch exhaust proved to be heavier than what was already on the car, so it came back off.  We applied new black vinyl to the doors, along with new numbers and class letters.   Snaps were reinstalled to hold the transport/weather cover on the car.    Headlight and tail light covers were permanently mounted.   The interior got vacuumed, which probably saved about 10 pounds of dust and rocks.   We also cleaned the air filter and changed the oil.  

And finally, a brand new set of 949 Racing wheels was unboxed and treated to a bath in Rustoleum.  
The to-do list before we can leave for Dixie:
  • Oil and reinstall air filter
  • Tire Rack and other required decals, and contingency decals
  • Mount and balance new Hoosiers 
  • Remove passenger seat and harness
  • Install chasecam gear
  • Load up on the trailer, and head out!

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