Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SCR Autocross #1

Saturday started way too early.   I woke up at 3:50 AM, a full ten minutes before my alarm was set to go off.   I was out the door and rolling along at about 4:10, bound for the North Charleston Coliseum, and event number one in the Folger Subaru South Carolina Autocross Championship.    After unloading and walking the course, I dashed back to the car to set air pressures, hook up the camera, and get the car to grid.   Pro ran in the first heat due to only running three groups instead of our usual four.  Don Moody and Jon Nwanagu took the early lead in pro in Don's Corvette on fresh Hoosiers.   I think at one point I was up to 4th, but I was struggling mightily to find grip.   I chose to bring our 90+ run tires instead of the fresh ones, and hoped that the afternoon sun would help get heat in the tires.   Running first group killed that plan, though, and I was driving too aggressively for the slippery surface conditions and tire temps.  I ended up with the 6th overall fastest time, a 32.801, and 6th in pro class.   John White took the pro class win in his Mazda 3.     I wish we had run a little later in the day, and been more careful on course, but I still had a great time.     I ended up getting home around 11:45pm, completely exhausted after a great day with friends.  I'm looking forward to the next event  -- April 16-17 at Michelin's 'Black Lake' proving grounds.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dixie National Tour Report, Day 2

Sunday brought more fantastic weather and a slightly faster course for Day 2 of the Dixie National Tour.  There seemed to be less grip on Sunday, so we softened up the shocks and ran slightly lower air pressures.  Both Garrett and I shaved off time with each run.   He got down to a 47.058, and I was 0.8 back at 47.878.   John Thomas laid down a scorching 45.908 to solidify first place.   Garrett finished the event 2nd, 1.735 seconds back, and I was 3rd, another 1.9 seconds back.   It was a fantastic first event of the year for us.  We feel we are making definite improvement relative to where we were at Nationals last year.   We are both ready for the next National Tour event in Atlanta on May 7-8.   I'm also excited to get to work on some upgrades which will hopefully be on the car by the SCR/CCR event at Michelin in April.  

Garrett's fastest run on Sunday:

Bryan's fastest run on Sunday:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dixie National Tour Report, Day 1

Day one competition is done for the Dixie National Tour event at the South Georgia Motorsports Park.   We made no changes to the car except for bolting up a set of new Hoosier tires.   In a word, the car is fantastic.  We were happy to see another s2000 in-class, and 17-time National Champion (including the last 5 consecutive in FP),  John Thomas, who also designed the course for this weekend's event.   I drove well enough to comfortably land in 3rd place with a 49.5xx.  Thomas ran a 47.8.   Garrett, however, stepped up and turned in a 48.4xx, and is sitting in 2nd place -- just .585 seconds behind.    Garrett had a 48.0xx, but hit the last cone on course, and I had a great run brewing, until I got greedy at the half way point and nearly spun the car, losing all momentum and finishing it with a slow time.  All-in-all, a GREAT day.

Video of Garrett's 3rd run:

Friday, March 11, 2011

We're in Dixie!

We got on the road around 5:50AM this morning and arrived at South Georgia Motorsports Park shortly after noon. The trip was pleasantly uneventful, except for a minor incident that introduced the tongue jack of my trailer to the asphalt dip at the end of Garrett's driveway. This brought progress to a loud, screeching, halt. After backing up, and trying again, we were on our way. Jokingly, we exchanged thoughts about how big a hole I just dug. When we stopped at Garrett's office to pickup a canopy, we noticed that the tongue jack definitely lost the encounter with the asphalt. It's got about a 45 degree lean to it now. Oh well. It didn't affect getting here. I've been wanting to upgrade and relocate the jack anyway. Looks like I have an excuse now!

Once we arrived, it was a flurry of activity to unload the car and prep for the test and tune. Surprisingly, after 2 runs each, on 80+ run Hoosiers, we were turning competitive times. The car feels awesome. The only change for the competition will be to bolt on the new Hoosiers.

Tomorrow's course looks like a dream for the s2000 -- lots and lots of transitions and slaloms. We're really looking forward to Day 1 competition tomorrow!

Here's a quick video of Garrett's fastest run on the test and tune course:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost ready for the Dixie National Tour

We didn't have all that much to do to the car this weekend to get ready, but those few things seemed to suck a bunch of time.   An experiment with a new 3-inch exhaust proved to be heavier than what was already on the car, so it came back off.  We applied new black vinyl to the doors, along with new numbers and class letters.   Snaps were reinstalled to hold the transport/weather cover on the car.    Headlight and tail light covers were permanently mounted.   The interior got vacuumed, which probably saved about 10 pounds of dust and rocks.   We also cleaned the air filter and changed the oil.  

And finally, a brand new set of 949 Racing wheels was unboxed and treated to a bath in Rustoleum.  
The to-do list before we can leave for Dixie:
  • Oil and reinstall air filter
  • Tire Rack and other required decals, and contingency decals
  • Mount and balance new Hoosiers 
  • Remove passenger seat and harness
  • Install chasecam gear
  • Load up on the trailer, and head out!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A new set of wheels showed up today.     A second set of 949 Racing 6ULR's.  Unfortunately, they  were only available in bronze finish.   I'm about 90% sure that they are going to get unboxed and spray painted with flat black rustoleum.   That's got to be some sort of bad karma, I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frankenstook goes GREEN!

... though not how you expect, probably.    I decided over the offseason to do some aesthetic upgrades to Frankenstook.   Part of that was some body filler and paint.   I was 95% set to paint the car 'Pacific Blue', but after some quick photoshop mock-ups, I ordered a couple of quarts of 'Jade Green Metallic' just in case.  Well, a couple of quick samples brushed on a spare trunk lid sealed the deal, and I decided to paint the car green.   I decided to paint the hood and trunk white just to keep it a little bit different.

After putting the hood and trunk back on, though, I realized I wasn't such a fan, so I repainted the trunk green, and the hood black.   I will hopefully have final pics of the paint work this weekend.