Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SC Region Autocross @ Michelin Proving Grounds

Videos from last Saturday's autocross at the Michelin proving grounds:





Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Solo Nationals Video: West Course (Wed)

Solo Nationals Video: East Course (Tues)

The chasecam unit malfunctioned (again), and did not record either of our fastest runs on the East course. :(   Additionally, the speedometer gauge appears to be way off.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nationals day one Results

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Date: Aug 30, 2011 3:15 PM
Subject: Results
To: "Bryan Hayes" <bryan.hayes@gmail.com>

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nationals test day.

Today was our final crack at the practice course.  We ran into a  minor electrical problem that prevented the car from starting after garret's second run, but figured out that it was just a blown fuse after about an hour of tinkering.  We then went back and finished our practice.   The car is really good, and we're running comparable times to the other cars in class.   We are.really looking forward to day one of.competition tomorrow. 

Tune in for live timing and streaming audio broadcast over at http://sololive.scca.com.   we are class f prepared, and should be running around 1pm eastern.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-Nationals diet

For the last month, Garrett and I have been working on some carbon fiber goodies and other projects to drop some weight off of the car.  Last night was the payoff, as the car is about 98% back together, and all of the components are there to put it on the scales.  The result: 1975 pounds.    

As an added bonus, the cross-weights with me in the car are even closer to 50-50.  Close enough, that I didn't bother to make any changes.   Looks like I still need to pull some weight off of the front of the car, but that will be an offseason project.    For now, the  pre-Nationals project list is nearly complete.

  Big thanks to Garrett for all the help, and having the guts to pull 12 pounds of unused wiring out of the car.  I would have been far too much of a wuss to tackle that, I think.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Atlanta Region event 8/7/2011

Sunday was a good event for us.  Garrett and I put the intake manifold back on the car on Saturday after fixing a coolant leak that kept us at home instead of at the Southeast Divisional event a week ago.   With that repaired, we went to Atlanta looking just to get an event on the car to make sure the repair was successful.   The car performed wonderfully, and we were both in the top 5 raw times when we left the event as the 3rd run group started.  My 45.5xx was 0.1s off of the FTD set by one of the karts.    I'll take it.  :)

Bryan's 45.5xx

Garrett's 46.2xx

With no more events on our calendar before the SCCA Solo National Championships at the end of the month, our focus will now shift to taking more weight off of the car.  Carbon Fiber work is underway, and the sawzall is going to get a good workout over the next couple of weeks.   The goal is to have the car under 2000lbs by Nationals.  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Subaru Showdown @ Carolina Motorsports Park

Last weekend was the Subaru Showdown at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC, and it was an awesome event.   We stayed at the track in my parent's RV and that made the event even more enjoyable.    Saturday (a points event for SCR), Garrett took FTD on his last run with a 56.365, and I was amost 1.5 seconds back with the 4th overall fastest time.       Sunday was a CCR points event with a changed course, and higher temperatures.   I ran a 53.049 on my 3rd run, which was FTD.   Garrett ran a 53.059 on his last run, and Nick Hallman spun the formula ford at the finish to leave me with the top time for the event.     I had a great time hanging out with everyone at the event and want to thank the Subaru dealers for making the event possible.  

Saturday, Garrett's FTD run:

Saturday, Bryan's 1st run:

Sunday, Bryan's FTD run:

Sunday, Garrett's final run:

This is an earlier run of Garretts, that would have been FTD except for the +2 cones:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toledo National Tour

Day one was pretty good for us, as we ended the day 1-2, with Garrett in 1st and me sitting 0.036 back.    We struggled for front grip most of the day, though, and overall were not terribly happy with how the car felt.   Sunday, we took out about 2/3rds of the compression in the shocks and increased the rear rebound, and the car felt much better.   Garrett continued to drive fast, with all three runs in the 44's.  After second runs, I was sitting on a 45.222, about 0.6 seconds behind Garrett.  On his third run he dropped another 0.5 to end up with a class-winning 44.108.   I went out on my 3rd run needing to drop 1.1 seconds, and proceeded to botch the 1-2 upshift after the first turn.   The rest of the run went downhill from there as I overdrove the front tires and tried to 'make up' time.   I ended up with a run that was 0.1 second slower.       The 3rd place car ended the event 1.95 seconds back.   Despite the crappy 3rd run on Sunday, it was an excellent event for us -- Garrett's second National Tour victory, and the first 1-2 finish for the car.    Unfortunately, that was likely our last taste of concrete until Nationals in September.    

We managed to not record Garrett's fastest run, but we did get both of our second runs:

Garrett, Run 2 Sunday

Bryan Run 2 Sunday

Sunday, July 3, 2011

First runs done. Garrett held onto first with a 44.9 and I ran a slow 46.1

Toledo National Tour Day 1 Videos

Garrett's 48.795

Bryan's 48.831

At some point during the last event, the GPS antenna wire got cut, so no course map or speed in the datt overlay...  :(

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garrett cleaning the rubber buildup off the tires.

3rd runs

Garrett picked up about 0.05 with a 48.795 and I picked up 0.9 with a 48.831, leaving me just 0.036 behind Garrett. We have about a one second gap to the third place car. The weather held, we both had three clean runs, and we are first and second. That's a great day for Frankenstook.
Second runs done. Garrett picked up 0.7 seconds with a 48.8. I ran another 49.7, still holding onto second place by half of a second, though. Time to go for a hero run...

Run one

First runs are done at the Toledo National Tour. Garrett is sitting in first with a 49.5 and I am in second just 0.2 back.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Subaru Showdown: July 16-17 at CMP

Next weekend, we will be heading up to Toledo, OH for the SCCA Tire Rack Toledo National Tour.   A couple of weeks later, though, c'mon down to South Carolina to join us for the Subaru Showdown at Carolina Motorsports Park!

The Subaru Showdown is a two day autocross championship and Subaru owner’s appreciation event jointly hosted by Central Carolinas Region SCCA and South Carolina Region SCCA, consisting of the following events on July 16-17, 2011, at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC:

Autocross – a 2-day event for ALL CARS with two separate courses on the Carolina Motorsports Park West Course.

Car Show – Two separate 1-day events for Subarus only.

PDX – "Performance Driving Experience" – a 2-day HPDE/track day event on the Carolina Motorsports Park East Course for Subarus only.

Time Trial – a 2-day event for Subarus only, held under SCCA Club Trials rules.

Event information and online registration: www.subarushowdown.com

Sponsored By
Fairway Subaru - Greenville, SC
Folger Subaru - Charlotte, NC
Subaru of Charleston - Charleston, SC

Questions? Contact membership@scsportscar.com or call us at 803-386-7727. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blytheville National Tour Sunday

Day 2 started with lots of course walks, since the storm on Saturday night cleared out the site and blew the cones around on the course.  The event staff did a fantastic job getting everything squared away for day 2.  Thanks, guys!   

We were sitting in 2nd and 3rd place, 0.388 and 0.882 behind Jay Jackson.    Garrett put the pressure on Jay early by jumping into the lead with a class-best 63.871 on his first run.   I struggled with 3rd again and ran an embarrassingly slow 66.781.     Jay ran a 64.719, dropping him to second, but moved back into the lead on his second run with a 64.009.   Garrett missed a gate on course for a DNF, and I ran another slow time (65.993), and hit 5th gear on an attempted 3rd gear upshift again. On Jay's final run in the 914-6, he slowed down by 0.2, with a 64.264, leaving the door open for Garret to steal the win.  Unfortunately, Garrett only made up half of the 0.2s defect, by running a 63.764, and picked up a cone.    With first and second place settled, and my head not in the game, I was just hoping to hang on to third place.   I decided I would leave the car in 2nd gear and never even try for 3rd.  The result: I shaved only 0.6 seconds off and ran another slow time -- 65.302.    Rick McPherson leapfrogged into 3rd place on his last run with a 64.641.      So, Garrett finished 2nd (0.2s from first) and I wound up 4th (2.17s out of first).    Great job Garrett!!!     

In looking at the data on the ride home, I had identical times and speeds to Garrett in all but two places on course.  I lost 1.1 seconds to Garrett from the start through the opening offsets leading into the first slalom.   I lost another 0.7 seconds to Garrett in the final slalom before the finish.  

Garrett's first run on Sunday:

Bryan's 3rd run on Sunday:

I really need to figure out why I'm having such a hard time finding 3rd in this car.   I've never been able to hit it consistently.    I've changed transmissions, seats, seating position, shifters, and even put in a rail to guide the shifter into 3rd.   I'm just too ham-fisted, I guess.    Oh well, we still had still a fantastic weekend with a great competition with some really great FP guys.   Blytheville is such a great site, and has such great people, I'm shocked at the low turnout for this Tour.   Anyone that couldn't make it missed a great event.   We will definitely be back in October for another shot at Jay.   

Up next for us?   We've decided to run the Toledo, OH National Tour on July 2-3 to get more seat time on concrete.   

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blytheville National Tour - Saturday

The course today was everything we expected:  fast, challenging, and one helluva lot of fun.   Competition was close from the first runs in our class, as Jay Jackson laid down 63.080 on his first run and Garrett followed that with a 63.2, but picked up 2 cones.   On my first run, I managed to mess up both shifts to 3rd gear: hitting 1st instead coming through the walloms, and 5th before the 3-cone slalom entering the big sweeper.  My time was a 64.462 +3 cones.     In second runs, Jay ran a 62.535 and extended his lead.   Garrett posted a class-best scratch time of 62.028, but hit the first cone after the staging line -- before the timing lights at the start.   That trick is something that I did last October to cone-away the first place run.    On my second run, I turned a respectable scratch time of 62.569, but picked up 2 cones being sloppy in a couple of slaloms.  That run would have put me into 2nd at the time.   As it stood after 2 runs, Jay Jackson was leading the class with his 62.5, Garrett was sitting 4th, and I was sitting 6th, both of us without a clean run.   On his 3rd run, Jay improved again, to a 62.426.   Garrett went out a few cars later and jumped into 2nd place with a 62.764, putting him within striking distance tomorrow, just 0.338 back.    I had problems finding third again on my final run, and hit 5th gear going into the 3-cone slalom again, and carried it through the big sweeper.   I did manage a clean, but slow, 63.308, which moved me up 3 places into 3rd.   I am 0.544 behind Garrett and 0.882 behind Jay.     We've got our work cut out for us tomorrow, but a Frankenstook 1-2 is still possible.  Keep your fingers crossed for us, and check out the live results at http://sololive.scca.com or the live audio at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/SCCASolo .  We start an hour earlier tomorrow, so expect our group to start around 11:15-11:30am.

Garrett's 62.7

Bryan's 63.3


Day 1 results.


Blytheville National Tour - Friday

We got on the road around 7:20 this morning and arrived safely in Blytheville, AR for the SCCA Southern States Championship National Tour about 10 hours later.   The tires are changed, the gadgets are setup, and the 0.83 mile course has been walked.  Yes, you read that right, the course for tomorrow is 0.83 miles long, and it's the fastest National course I've seen in 3 years.  I expect most of the course will be well into 3rd gear, with two spots to downshift into 2nd.      Times should be in the lower 60's.  It's going to be an absolutely awesome course to run.   Here's a link to a google maps plot:  http://www.worksmartlabs.com/cardiotrainer/tracks.php?trackId=680330548&sig=430e30a118cae024f40c296fa66b2b02554dd266    be sure to click the satellite view.

  We are running in the 2nd run group, which will probably start up around 12:15-12:30ish eastern time.   Follow the live results over at http://sololive.scca.com or stream the live audio broadcast at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/SCCASolo

I'm off to dream about the course...   the firs step to a Team Frankenstook 1-2 result this weekend.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Atlanta National Tour Recap

It's been almost 2 weeks since the Atlanta National Tour.  Wow, where has the time gone?   Well, for this event,  there were no other cars entered in FP, so we switched classes to E-Modified.  Since we had a pretty easy 3hr drive, we left a little before 9am on Friday (5/6).      Back in March, for the Dixie National Tour, we managed to snag the tongue jack for the trailer on Garrett's driveway and bend it.  Well, our trailer misfortune continued for this event.   At some point between home and Georgia, Garrett noticed that the trailer brakes seemed to not be working, and when we arrived at Atlanta Motor Speedway, we discovered why.  The battery that operates the breakaway system was gone, the whole box had come off somewhere along the way.   To top it off, about halfway to Atlanta, I started feeling sick: fever and sinus crud.     After course walks, we headed to Cracker Barrel, where I hoped the chicken & dumplings would work some magic and kick whatever I'd come down with.    You know I'm feeling rough when I go to bed at 8pm.

photo courtesy of www.perrybennett.com
Surprisingly, I got up Saturday morning fever-free, and feeling better, but not 100%.   I distinctly remember dreaming about the course that night.   We ran in the first heat, so after a quick breakfast at the hotel, it was off to the site for a final course walk.     After first runs,  I was sitting in 1st  place with a 40.903, and Garrett 2nd with a 41.490. Andy Hohl ran a 40.768, but picked up a cone.  We knew he would be tough to beat if he got the car figured out, as it was his first event in Dave Whitworth's awesome Mustang.   Garrett and I both coned our second runs -- both 39.6's and Andy had a spin and a DNF.  Steve Brueck put together a good second run, in an awesome v8 powered Porsche 914, and moved into first with a 40.275.    Going into 3rd runs the order was:  Brueck, Me, Garrett, Andy Hohl.    Garrett went out and cleaned up his run, turning in a 39.630, and moved him in to 1st.  Andy Hohl ran a 38.339, but picked up a cone.   Even with the cone, though, that put him in 3rd and bumped me down to 4th.   I went out for my 3rd run thinking 'clean up that 39.6'.   Out on course, I felt like things were moving in slow motion.   Nearing the turn for the slalom at the finish, I thought to myself, "I haven't done it.  This is a slow run."   I was shocked when the timeslip had 39.242 written on it, moving me into first place.      Steve Brueck crossed the line a couple of cars later with a 40.151 and a cone, so day one competition for us ended with me in first, Garrett 0.388 seconds back in 2nd, followed by Steve Brueck, and Andy Hohl.   We got lucky that Andy picked up a cone on that last run, otherwise he would have been in the lead by a second going into day two.

photo courtesy of www.perrybennett.com
Sunday's course was a bit faster.    I didn't dream about it, though, and woke up feeling more-or-less human, but with an enormous amount of sinus crud.   Though Sunday started an hour earlier, it was noticeably warmer, so we didn't bother with the tire blankets.   First runs pretty much summed up Sunday.   Garrett ran a 38.368, moving him into 1st.   Andy Hohl ran a 38.036, moving him into 2nd, and I ran a slow 39.381 to take 3rd.   Second runs, came and Garrett improved by a second, with a 37.316.   Hohl  turned in a 37.269, and struggled to get a 38.207, but picked up 2 cones.    I was sitting in 3rd going into 3rd runs.   I needed to go clean up my 38.207 in order to move into second place, and I needed to go find another half-second on top of that in order to jump into first, assuming nobody else improved.    Garrett went out on his third run and went a tenth slower at 37.449, so he would stand on his second run.   Andy Hohl came across the line with a 36.715 and my heart sank, then I heard the announcer say "plus two".   Ok.   Nobody ahead of me had improved their times.  All I needed to do was clean up my 38.2 and Frankenstook would take the top two spots.   Cool.   I left the line and all the way through the slalom, I realized I was going too slow,  across the back walloms, I didn't even get close to the rev limiter in second gear.  The previous run, I'd bounced off the limiter before braking for the 180-degree turn.  I knew at that point, that I was in trouble, and the rest of the course just sort of happened without any real effort.   I crossed the line with a clean run, but only managed a 38.556, which left me in 3rd place, 0.19 seconds behind Hohl, and 0.85 seconds behind Garrett.   For whatever reason, Sunday's course felt like everything was moving at 2x normal speed, whereas on Saturday, I felt like things were moving in slow motion.     I was disappointed, not because I finished 3rd, but because I know I drove like poo on Sunday.

photo courtesy of www.perrybennett.com
We came away from Atlanta with two trophies, though, and that's two more than the car had before Atlanta, so I'm not going to complain one bit.   Congrats to Garrett for a great drive on Sunday to take a National Tour victory!!!  The car is awesome, and if the drivers can put together good drives at the same event, we'll get that 1-2 finish in Blytheville, Arkansas at the Blytheville National Tour; Southern States Championship.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Atlanta National Tour Videos

I'll have an event recap post tomorrow, but wanted to get the videos posted before going to bed.     Congratulations to Garrett for winning E-Modified!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Almost time for the Atlanta National Tour!

In less than 24 hours, we'll be heading to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the SCCA Atlanta National Tour.   The to-do list for the car is pretty short:   load it on the trailer and fuel it up, maybe mount a second camera if I have time.    I do have to re-weld the tongue jack for the trailer tonight, but that shouldn't be a big deal.    

Unfortunately, nobody else registered for our class (FP), so Garrett and I are going to jump up a couple of classes, to E-Modified (EM).    We will be running in the first heat on Saturday and Sunday.   Check out the live timing and scoring over the weekend at http://sololive.scca.com , and the live audio from the on-site announcers at http://ustream.tv/channel/SCCASolo    Since we will be running in the first heat, expect to see/hear results starting around 9am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video from the SCR/CCR Black Lake Shootout

I'll have an event recap up in a day or two.  In the meantime, here are a few videos from the event.  

Garrett's fastest run on Sunday:
Bryan's fastest run on Sunday:

Marc Pfannenschmidt's fun run on Saturday:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ITB's installed and tuned!

I've been working the last couple of weeks to get a set of Hayward ITB's and a haltech ecu installed.   I finally got the last bits together last night, and drove to Concord today to have the guys at 42 Autosports tune the car.   The end result is pretty darn nice.  The car idles nicely and made good power.    On the same dyno, stock AP1's   are typically in the 175-ish peak HP range, according to Will.  I'll post some of the install pics later, but for now, here's the end result:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SCR Autocross #1

Saturday started way too early.   I woke up at 3:50 AM, a full ten minutes before my alarm was set to go off.   I was out the door and rolling along at about 4:10, bound for the North Charleston Coliseum, and event number one in the Folger Subaru South Carolina Autocross Championship.    After unloading and walking the course, I dashed back to the car to set air pressures, hook up the camera, and get the car to grid.   Pro ran in the first heat due to only running three groups instead of our usual four.  Don Moody and Jon Nwanagu took the early lead in pro in Don's Corvette on fresh Hoosiers.   I think at one point I was up to 4th, but I was struggling mightily to find grip.   I chose to bring our 90+ run tires instead of the fresh ones, and hoped that the afternoon sun would help get heat in the tires.   Running first group killed that plan, though, and I was driving too aggressively for the slippery surface conditions and tire temps.  I ended up with the 6th overall fastest time, a 32.801, and 6th in pro class.   John White took the pro class win in his Mazda 3.     I wish we had run a little later in the day, and been more careful on course, but I still had a great time.     I ended up getting home around 11:45pm, completely exhausted after a great day with friends.  I'm looking forward to the next event  -- April 16-17 at Michelin's 'Black Lake' proving grounds.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dixie National Tour Report, Day 2

Sunday brought more fantastic weather and a slightly faster course for Day 2 of the Dixie National Tour.  There seemed to be less grip on Sunday, so we softened up the shocks and ran slightly lower air pressures.  Both Garrett and I shaved off time with each run.   He got down to a 47.058, and I was 0.8 back at 47.878.   John Thomas laid down a scorching 45.908 to solidify first place.   Garrett finished the event 2nd, 1.735 seconds back, and I was 3rd, another 1.9 seconds back.   It was a fantastic first event of the year for us.  We feel we are making definite improvement relative to where we were at Nationals last year.   We are both ready for the next National Tour event in Atlanta on May 7-8.   I'm also excited to get to work on some upgrades which will hopefully be on the car by the SCR/CCR event at Michelin in April.  

Garrett's fastest run on Sunday:

Bryan's fastest run on Sunday:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dixie National Tour Report, Day 1

Day one competition is done for the Dixie National Tour event at the South Georgia Motorsports Park.   We made no changes to the car except for bolting up a set of new Hoosier tires.   In a word, the car is fantastic.  We were happy to see another s2000 in-class, and 17-time National Champion (including the last 5 consecutive in FP),  John Thomas, who also designed the course for this weekend's event.   I drove well enough to comfortably land in 3rd place with a 49.5xx.  Thomas ran a 47.8.   Garrett, however, stepped up and turned in a 48.4xx, and is sitting in 2nd place -- just .585 seconds behind.    Garrett had a 48.0xx, but hit the last cone on course, and I had a great run brewing, until I got greedy at the half way point and nearly spun the car, losing all momentum and finishing it with a slow time.  All-in-all, a GREAT day.

Video of Garrett's 3rd run:

Friday, March 11, 2011

We're in Dixie!

We got on the road around 5:50AM this morning and arrived at South Georgia Motorsports Park shortly after noon. The trip was pleasantly uneventful, except for a minor incident that introduced the tongue jack of my trailer to the asphalt dip at the end of Garrett's driveway. This brought progress to a loud, screeching, halt. After backing up, and trying again, we were on our way. Jokingly, we exchanged thoughts about how big a hole I just dug. When we stopped at Garrett's office to pickup a canopy, we noticed that the tongue jack definitely lost the encounter with the asphalt. It's got about a 45 degree lean to it now. Oh well. It didn't affect getting here. I've been wanting to upgrade and relocate the jack anyway. Looks like I have an excuse now!

Once we arrived, it was a flurry of activity to unload the car and prep for the test and tune. Surprisingly, after 2 runs each, on 80+ run Hoosiers, we were turning competitive times. The car feels awesome. The only change for the competition will be to bolt on the new Hoosiers.

Tomorrow's course looks like a dream for the s2000 -- lots and lots of transitions and slaloms. We're really looking forward to Day 1 competition tomorrow!

Here's a quick video of Garrett's fastest run on the test and tune course:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost ready for the Dixie National Tour

We didn't have all that much to do to the car this weekend to get ready, but those few things seemed to suck a bunch of time.   An experiment with a new 3-inch exhaust proved to be heavier than what was already on the car, so it came back off.  We applied new black vinyl to the doors, along with new numbers and class letters.   Snaps were reinstalled to hold the transport/weather cover on the car.    Headlight and tail light covers were permanently mounted.   The interior got vacuumed, which probably saved about 10 pounds of dust and rocks.   We also cleaned the air filter and changed the oil.  

And finally, a brand new set of 949 Racing wheels was unboxed and treated to a bath in Rustoleum.  
The to-do list before we can leave for Dixie:
  • Oil and reinstall air filter
  • Tire Rack and other required decals, and contingency decals
  • Mount and balance new Hoosiers 
  • Remove passenger seat and harness
  • Install chasecam gear
  • Load up on the trailer, and head out!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A new set of wheels showed up today.     A second set of 949 Racing 6ULR's.  Unfortunately, they  were only available in bronze finish.   I'm about 90% sure that they are going to get unboxed and spray painted with flat black rustoleum.   That's got to be some sort of bad karma, I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frankenstook goes GREEN!

... though not how you expect, probably.    I decided over the offseason to do some aesthetic upgrades to Frankenstook.   Part of that was some body filler and paint.   I was 95% set to paint the car 'Pacific Blue', but after some quick photoshop mock-ups, I ordered a couple of quarts of 'Jade Green Metallic' just in case.  Well, a couple of quick samples brushed on a spare trunk lid sealed the deal, and I decided to paint the car green.   I decided to paint the hood and trunk white just to keep it a little bit different.

After putting the hood and trunk back on, though, I realized I wasn't such a fan, so I repainted the trunk green, and the hood black.   I will hopefully have final pics of the paint work this weekend.